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FRAX DESIGN, advanced consulting

We are a consulting firm specialized in MECHANICAL DESIGN. This webpage is mainly dedicated to knowledge dissemination related to all aspects (or those who we have been able to include) involved in operations as complex as machine design or machine elements development, including aspects such as conceptual design and manufacturing.

Our work is also counseling for companies or individuals who want to design any machine or mechanism based on mechanics.

Our intention with this webpage is to collect part of the existing today information related to mechanical design. Here you can find what we consider a summary of the most important concepts that must be taken into account in order to successfully design a machine or element.

Of course this information is not complete and it will never be. There are too many things to consider when it comes to mechanical design. So if you consider that any important subject is missing or you want to contribute adding information, don’t hesitate to contact me


My name is Joel Frax and I’m an Industrial Engineer specialized in Mechanics. I’m currently working in the American multinational Kennametal, designing special cutting tools for machining. So I have acquired knowledge of both design and manufacturing processes. Moreover, I have been also working for three years as a physics teacher at engineering university of Barcelona (EUETIB). This has given me experience sharing knowledge with anyone ready to learn.


Engineering is the art of applying physics to the resolution of human problems, and we must not forget that science should aim to improve human conditions.

Among all engineering fields, I’m specialized in mechanical engineering, and even more specifically in mechanical design. The aim of this branch is to create machines or devices able to use, guide, control or transform energy or perform a work for a specific purpose.


Our main service is to train and instruct everyone willing to learn about mechanical design using this webpage. But as I am aware of how difficult can be to learn just by reading, you can also contact me for anything you may need here

Another service that we offer is counseling for companies or individuals who need guidance in the complex process of machine design. That also includes advice for these students of mechanical engineering that are developing their final degree project.